Original U.S. WWII 1942 Buy War Bonds Poster - 20" x 14"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Don’t Let That Shadow Touch Them BUY WAR BONDS. This is a very rare iconic original WW2 1942 dated poster issued in a small 20" x 14" size. The U.S. government wanted all parents to feel that buying war bonds would help parents protect their children from NSDAP oppression.

The poster shows three young children playing on a grass yard with a shadow of a swas creeping over them about to block out the sun. The poster measures 20 inches high by 14 inches wide. It is nicely marked on the bottom right corner U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE : 1942-Q-462211 WSS 451.

The condition of the poster is excellent, with vibrant color, no fading or folding and only a very minor 1/2 tear at the lower border.

During World War II the government and even radio and movie stars worked hard to convince people to buy war bonds. These bonds were kind of like loans to the government. People would buy bonds and the government promised to return them with interest after ten years or more. During the war, the government needed all the extra money it could get to help pay for war equipment. War bonds or defense bonds were bought by purchasing stamps for 10 or 15 cents each. The stamps were then pasted into booklets that could be turned in when full for a $25 war bond. War stamps and bonds were not only a way for the government to raise money, but a way for every person to participate in the war effort. It became very patriotic to buy bonds and stamps.


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