Original U.S. WWII 10th Air Force China Burma India Campaign Named Pilot Grouping

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a fantastic genuine WW2 grouping belonging to Lieutenant Walter Scott Parker serial number 2062865 served as a member of the 10th Air Force, 80th Fighter Group, 89th Fighter Squadron in the China Burma India Campaign during the war. Included in this wonderful grouping are the following pieces:

• U.S. WWII Ike Jacket with heavily embroidered original CIB shoulder patch, heavily embroidered 10 AF shoulder patch, sterling silver wings, lieutenant bars.
• Overseas Garrison cap with Gold / Black piping for Commissioned Officers. It is ink stamped on the lining W Parker.
• Silver identification bracelet that reads: WALTER S. PARKER U.S.A.A.F on front and on reverse is stamped MEXICO SILVER and engraved 2062865.
• Copy of Army registration card.
• Excellent leather Blood Chit with American flag, Chinese flag, the CIB theatre symbol, along with Chinese characters.
• Excellent silk Blood Chit with Chinese flag along with embroidered Chinese characters.

History of the 89th fighter Squadron:

The squadron history originates with the 89th Fighter Squadron, formed 17 March 1942 as part of the 80th Pursuit Group. The Group was composed of the 88th, 89th, and 90th Fighter Squadrons, and was established at Selfridge Field, Michigan on 13 January 1942. The 80th Pursuit Group moved to Mitchell Field, New York, in July 1942 to train in the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. While there, Lieutenant Freeling Clower designed the distinctive squadron patch still used today by the 89th Fighter Training Squadron; the skull and ace of spades symbolized death in the sky for the opponents, while the clouds and the thunderbolts were for the P-47 Thunderbolt, the highest flying fighter of its time. In February of 1943, orders came through for the Far East instead of Europe as previously expected, so the 80th Pursuit Group moved to Richmond, Virginia to train in the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. In May of that year, the 80th Pursuit Group departed the United States for India where they convoyed some 2,200 miles overland to the Assam Valley of the China-Burma-India theater of operations.

Lineage: Constituted as 89 Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) on 13 Jan 1942. Activated on 9 Feb 1942. Redesignated as: 89 Fighter Squadron on 15 May 1942; 89 Fighter Squadron (Single Engine) on 1 Jul 1942; 89 Fighter Squadron, Single Engine, on 28 Feb 1944. Inactivated on 3 Nov 1945. Redesignated as 89 Flying Training Squadron on 25 May 1972. Activated on 1 Jan 1973.

Assignments: 80 Pursuit (later, 80 Fighter) Group, 9 Feb 1942-3 Nov 1945. 80 Flying Training Wing, 1 Jan 1973; 80 Operations Group, 2 Jan 1998-.

Stations: Selfridge Field, MI, 9 Feb 1942; Farmingdale, NY, 23 Jun 1942; Mitchel Field, NY, 9 Dec 1942-30 Apr 1943; Karachi, India, 29 Jun 1943; Gushkara, India, c. 16 Aug 1943; Nagaghuli, India, c. 15 Oct 1943 (detachment operated from Sadiya, India, Oct 1943; Mokelbaria, India, May 1944; Dergaon, India, Aug 1944); Myitkyina, Burma, c. 15 Sep 1944; Moran, India, 8 May 1945; Dudhkundi, India, 30 May-6 Oct 1945; Camp Kilmer, NJ, 1-3 Nov 1945. Sheppard AFB, TX, 1 Jan 1973-.

Commanders: None, 9 Feb 1942-16Mar 1942; 2d Lt George C. Vanderbeke, 17 Mar 1942; Maj Gilbert L. Meyers, 1 Jul 1942; Maj Hubert A. Zemke, c. 30 Aug 1942; Capt Verl D. Luehring, 14 Sep 1942; Maj John Svenningsen, 2 Aug 1943; Maj William S. Harrell, 20 Jan 1944; Maj Garrett S. Williams, Nov 1944; Maj Allan P. Rankin, c. 6 Feb 1945; Maj Leonard W. Anderson, 20 Jun 1945; unkn, 5 Oct-3 Nov 1945. Lt Col Billy M. Mobley, 1 Jan 1973; Lt Col Richard E. Hearne, 21 Oct 1974; Lt Col Donald W. Ramsey, 21 Jul 1975; Lt Col Larry L. Wagner, 1 Apr 1977; Lt Col Louis A. Silvestri, 16 Apr 1979; Lt Col Gary J. Toy, 24 Mar 1981; Lt Col Wagn Langebek (Demark), 19 Mar 1982; Lt Col Gerhard Rudeck (GAF), 4 Mar 1985; Lt Col Victor J. Tambone, 4 Apr 1988; Lt Col Horace A. Wallace, 13 Jul 1999; Lt Col Jackie L. Foster, 14 Jan 1991; Lt Col Klaus H. Spura, 7 May 1993; Lt Col Francesco Tricomi (Italy), 10 May 1996; Lt Col Harvey D. Johnson, 14 Aug 1998; Lt Col Yusuf Enginol (Turkey), 16 Jun 2000; Lt Col Bernard Schwartze (GAF), 23 May 2002; Lt Col Jeffrey Snell, 26 Sep 2003; Lt Col John F. McDevitt Jr., 1 Apr 2005; Lt Col Vittorio Cencini (Italy), 11 Dec 2006; Lt Col Patrick Testerman, 1 Dec 2009-.

Aircraft: P-47, 1942-1943; P-40, 1943-1944; P-47, 1944-1945. T-37, 1973-.

Operations: Combat in CBI, 8 Sep 1943-28 Apr 1945. Undergraduate pilot training for USAF and students from selected nations, 1973-1981; Euro-NATO joint pilot training, Oct 1981-.

Service Streamers: World War II American Theater.

Campaign Streamers: World War II: India-Burma; Central Burma.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers: None.

Decorations: Distinguished Unit Citation: Assam, India, 27 Mar 1944. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 10-20 Apr 1979; 1 Jan 1980-31 Dec 1981; 1 Jan 1982-30 Apr 1983; 1 Jul 1999-30 Jun 2001.

Emblem: On a Red disc, edged Black an inverted Ace of Spades, proper, bordered White, edged Black, a skull, proper, with Red and Yellow lightning bolts emanating from the eye sockets, resting on a large, White cloud formation, outlined Medium Blue, all in front of flames of fire Red and Yellow. Approved on 5 Jun 1944 (K 2822); modified on 18 Jul 1995.

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