Original U.S. WWI Wooden Gas Alarm Rattle marked H.P.I.

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. Gas Warfare, now banned by International Treaty, was first introduced in WWI on the Western Front, and the results were devastating. Soon everyone was issued with a gas mask and was required to carry one at all times. The wooden "Gas Rattle", which looks as if it should be a Crow Scarer, was introduced as it created a unique battlefield sound so everyone who heard it knew that a Gas Attack was imminent. By the time WWII came along, as once again everyone was issued a Gas Mask, though gas was not used by any of the warring parties. The WWI-made gas rattles, still perfectly usable, were reissued as well.

This example is somewhat simple, and looks to have been made with parts on hand. There are some ink markings on the "flapper" portion, which looks to have been part of some type of box. The top of the rattle is marked H.P.I., but we are unsure of the significance. 

Still in great working condition after more than 100 years, ready to display or frighten your Crows!

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