Original U.S. WWI US First Army Officers Uniform Set With M1917 SBR Gas Mask, Bringback French Helmet, German Buckles and More - 16 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Group of 13 Available. This is a fantastic WWI bringback grouping, brought home by an unnamed Captain in the US First Army. The uniform set is in fantastic condition, with only minor issues such as staining, miniscule moth nips, light wear and a wrinkled appearance from storage. There are no major issues with the uniform nor anything that would distract from the beauty of it. This is a perfect grouping for the young collector looking for a place to start!

First Army is the oldest and longest-established field army of the United States Army. It served as a theater army, having seen service in both World War I and World War II, and supplied the US army with soldiers and equipment during the Korean War and the Vietnam war under some of the most famous and distinguished officers of the U.S. Army. It now serves as a mobilization, readiness and training command.

The Items In This Lot:

- Officers Uniform and Breeches: The uniform itself is in wonderful condition and appears to have been properly preserved and stored for the most part. Due to prolonged storage, the uniform itself is wrinkled but still beautiful. The left shoulder features a large letter “A” which appears to have been cut and sewn on by hand. The letter "A" represents "Army" and is also the first letter of the alphabet suggesting "First Army."

- French WWI M1915 Helmet Shell: The shell appears to have been recovered from the field and is completely void of a liner, badge and paint. There is no significant damage present.

- x5 Large Ruptured Shell Casings: The shell casings remain unidentified and appear to have been recovered from the field.

- x2 M1915 Prussian Steel Belt Buckles: The buckles also appear to be battlefield pickups and both do have surface rust present, poor paint retainment but no significant damage present on either item.

- x3 Bullets: These are just the rounds and they appear to have been removed from the brass shell casing.

- M1917 SBR Gas Mask: This is an excellent example complete with mask, filter, carry satchel, anti fog stick, and is complete with the original instruction manual. The mask is in great condition supple condition which is rare as normally these are hard as a rock. Genuine examples in this overall very good condition are very hard to find.

- 11” x 3” Wood Direction Sign for “nacht Maucourt” (“To Maucourt): Maucourt was the southern-most village in the Battle of the Somme and the French advance was put under pressure by the German machine guns who were able to sweep across the flat expanse of No Man's Land from protected positions in concrete emplacements. However, this was not enough to deter the French advance of September 1916 as 2e and 136e Regiments surrounded the village of Chilly with it falling within three days.

A lovely grouping ready for further research and display.

Approximate Sizes:

Collar to shoulder:    9.5"
Shoulder to sleeve:   25.5”
Shoulder to shoulder:   15.5”
Chest width:   18"
Waist width:  16"
Hip width:     20.5”
Front length:   31"

Waist: 14"
Inseam: 27"

The First Army was established on 10 August 1918 as a field army when sufficient American military manpower had arrived on the Western Front during the final months of World War I. The large number of troops assigned to the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) required the activation of subordinate commands. To fill this need, First Army was the first of three field armies established under the AEF. The first commander was General John J. Pershing, who also served as Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) of the AEF. The headquarters planned and directed the first major American offensive, the St Mihiel Offensive (September 12 to 16, 1918). It later went on to fight in the largest and deadliest battle in the United States Army's history, the Meuse–Argonne offensive. Serving in its ranks throughout World War I were many figures who later played important roles in World War II. First Army, now under Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett, was inactivated on April 20th, 1919, five months after the Armistice with Germany which ended hostilities.

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