Original U.S. WWI US Army Officer Accouterments lot With Sword Belt and Tin Storage Case - 11 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 11 Available. In the early days of the U.S. Army, the uniform worn in combat was essentially the same as that worn for everyday duties, as was the common practice with most armies of the time. This changed in modern times, as field uniforms were developed which were more suited for battle.

During the 19th century, army uniforms were relatively simple. Typically, the same uniform served as a garrison uniform and as a combat uniform. Combat soldiers in the American Civil War wore a standard dark blue coat, just like personnel in garrisons or in army offices and headquarters. Uniform standards were relaxed during the war years, especially on campaign, as conditions demanded.

The 1899 Army Uniform Regulations provided for a cotton khaki uniform for field service, drawing on the experience of the Spanish–American War when both blue and khaki clothing had been worn.

From 1902 to 1917, the army had two uniforms: a service uniform of wool olive drab Melton cloth for use by soldiers in the field, and a blue dress uniform used for ceremonies and off-post wear by enlisted men.

The Items In This Lot:
- x2 Aiguillettes: In modern usage, an "aiguillette" is an ornamental braided cord with decorative metal tips worn on uniforms or as part of other costumes such as academic dress, where it will denote an honor. This usage of "aiguillette" derives from lacing used to fasten plate armor together. As such, a knot or loop arrangement was used which sometimes hung from the shoulder.

The aiguillette is worn on the right shoulder by military aides to the President and the Vice President. It is worn on the left shoulder by military assistants to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security, aides to the Service Secretaries (Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy & Secretary of the Air Force), aide to the NOAA Administrator, military attachés, General Staff Corps officers, and aides to flag officers.

- x2 Shoulder Knots: The current shoulder-knot design was introduced in 1902, and for a period of nearly 30 years (1911 – 1938) shoulder knots were worn with rank insignia. Today’s shoulder knots, worn by both male and female officers on the Blue Mess Dress jacket, are unadorned with any type of insignia.

- Army M1902 Dress Sword Belt With Sword Hanger: From the time of the American Revolution until sometime in the early 20th century, officers attached their sabers to the near side of their saddles, as can be seen on various drawings by Ogden, etc. and in photos. Initially, the M1902 officer's saber was attached to the near side of the cantle. The belt, buckle and hanger is in great condition with minor fading present but no significant damage.

- M1902 Officer’s Sword Knot: The sword knot is in good condition with evident signs of use and wear. Much of the original finish is present, but there are areas of wear and cracking in the finish itself.

- x4 Visor Decorative Chinstraps: The chinstraps are in solid condition but are definitely worn and show long service life.

All items come contained in a storage tin measuring 20" x 3 1/2" x 3 and are more than ready to complete your uniform displays!

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