Original U.S. WWI Sub Chaser SC-144 Donald Duck Named Cap

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This fantastic Great War USN Donald Duck cap bears a U.S. Sub. Chaser 144 darkened (wartime) tally with dark blue wool body, linen interior lining with black paint stencil name of R W GULL. Overall condition is excellent.

The SC-1 class was a large class of submarine chasers built during World War I for the United States Navy. They were ordered in very large numbers in order to combat attacks by German U-boats, with 442 boats built from 1917 to 1919.

In 1916, the then Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the US Navy to design a small anti-submarine vessel that could be built quickly in small civilian boatyards, as if war came, larger shipyards would be busy building larger warships.

Armament was initially planned to be two 3-inch range. An initial order of 345 SC boats placed in 1917 was planned to be delivered by the end of 1917, with further orders for the French Navy pushing the total ordered up to 448.
Operational history

Deliveries started in July 1917, with deliveries continuing into 1919, with 441 boats built, and the remaining seven boats canceled. One hundred were sold to France, and a further 121 US Navy SC boats were deployed to Europe to operate off Britain and France and in the Mediterranean, where they supported the Otranto Barrage with the remaining US Navy boats operating off the East Coast of the United States.

The US Navy lost six SC boats during World War I; USS SC-60 lost in collision with the tanker Fred M. Weller on 1 October 1918, USS SC-117 in a fire on 22 December 1917, USS SC-132 was lost in collision on 5 June 1918, USS SC-187 in a collision on 4 August 1918, USS SC-209 by friendly fire from the trawler Felix Taussig on 27 August 1918 and USS SC-219 by fire on 19 February 1918. France lost three SC-boats.

Following the end of the war, four boats (USS SC-274, USS SC-302, USS SC-311 and USS SC-312) were transferred to Cuba, while 14 boats were transferred to the United States Coast Guard in 1919–1920. Eight of the French SC boats remained in service at the outbreak of World War II.

In 1920 SC 292 sold commercial becoming Trawler "Chief Seattle", SC 293 becoming Trawler " George L. Harvey", and SC 300 becoming Trawler "Joseph Kildall'.

By December 1941, only 11 boats remained in US Navy service, with two continuing in use until at least April 1945.

Two boats were sold to the Bulgarian Navy and saw action in World War II, sinking one Soviet submarine.

SC-144 was a SC-1 Class Submarine Chaser:

Built by the Vinyard Shipbuilding Co., Milford, DE
Commissioned 30 March 1918
Sold 3 February 1923 to the State of Florida
Fate unknown.

Displacement 85 t.
Length 110'
Beam 14' 8.75"
Draft (fl) 5' 8"
Speed 18 kts.
Complement 27
Armament: One 3"/23 gun mount, two .30 cal. machine guns and one depth charge projector "Y Gun"
Propulsion: Three 220hp Standard gasoline engines, three shafts.
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