Original U.S. WWI Recruitment Poster - U.S. Marines - Be A Sea Soldier

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Original Item: Only One Available. United States Great War U.S. Marine Corps recruitment poster designed by Clarence F. Underwood. Poster showing a marine with his rifle, seated on a harbor wall. In the background are battleships on the ocean.

The United States Marine Corps had a deep and experienced pool of officers and non-commissioned officers at the outset of World War I, and recruited vigorously to increase their numbers. The Corps distinguished themselves throughout the war, notably at the savage Battle of Bellau Wood, earning a reputation for tenacity and toughness and the respect of the German soldiers.

World War I began as a conflict between the Allies (France, the United Kingdom, and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary). The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie ignited the war in 1914. Italy joined the Allies in 1915, followed by the United States in 1917. A ceasefire was declared at 11 AM on 11 November 1918. The poster was a major tool for broad dissemination of information during the war. Countries on both sides of the conflict distributed posters widely to garner support, urge action, and boost morale.

This is example is in very good condition and measures approximately 39" x 28".
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