Original U.S. WWI Propaganda Poster Warning! Consider the possible consequences if you are careless in your work

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The “Warning! Consider the possible consequences if you are careless in your work” poster was used in the U.S.A during World War 1 to show those at home that careless work on their part could result in accidents and injuries to those overseas.

The image depicts a World War One biplane fighter which has crashed. We see what looks like two pilots, one slumped over the wing looking like he is injured or dead and the other standing next to him. The plane is surrounded by water, behind the main image is a boat and a second plane. We can only assume that these are both here to rescue the downed plane in the foreground.

There were numerous posters similar to this one published in World War 1 and World War 2. They focused on encouraging those on the home front working in factories to ensure that their work was of a high level. Examples include the “Suppose it won’t do its job, it will that's our job” poster and the “Battle stations! Keep em fighting” poster.

The poster was designed by L.N Britton who designed numerous WW1 propaganda posters.

Poster is mounted on Masonite and measures approximately: 60" x 48"

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