Original U.S. WWI Naval Officer Photo Album from USS Sierra - 1918

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. This is a fascinating set we believe was assembled by Commander JAMES. D. WILSON of the U.S.S. SIERRA in 1918.

This photo Collection was compiled by one of the crew, not only of the ship and ship's life but also of their time in France. There are almost 250 snap shots, many identified in pen contained in a photo album and one enlargement of the U.S.S. SIERRA herself, in a glass frame measuring 13" x 21" showing the decks totally crowded with USGIs off to The Great War.

The first photograph in the album is of Commander James D. Wilson hence the conclusion that this was his personal collection

The first USS Sierra (ID-1634) was a troop transport of the United States Navy that served during World War I and its immediate aftermath.

The USS Sierra was constructed as a commercial passenger ship in 1900 by William Cramp and Sons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the San Francisco to Australia service via Hawaii of the Oceanic Steamship Company.

The U.S. Navy acquired her from the John D. Spreckel Brothers Company in San Francisco, California, on 27 May, 1918 for use as a troop transport during World War I and assigned her the identification number 1634. After conversion work was complete, she was commissioned as USS Sierra (ID-1634) on 1 July, 1918.

USS Sierra was assigned to transatlantic service upon commissioning, and she transported troops from the United States to France until the end of World War I on 11th November 1918. After the war, she engaged in the reverse process of bringing American troops home from Europe for another eleven months.

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