Original U.S. WWI Named Pilot Aviator Set with Painted Foot Locker

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VERNON M. DODGE, born May 29th 1895, died January 4th 1980. Enlisted at Mineola in New York on July 20th 1917. Commissioned August 2nd 1918, and left Ellington Field in Houston, Texas on August 23rd 1918. Having finished his "Corps d' Armee" work on September 28th we have absolutely no idea of how much action he actually saw but included in his effects is his French CROIX DE GUERRE (Cross of War) given to virtually all overseas Allies who fought on French soil during the Great War.

This wonderful time capsule consists of:

• Officer tunic showing winged badge and medal ribbons.
• Officer Jodhpur pants for wearing with knee boots.
• Heavy WWI era khaki Great Coat with correct officer sleeve braid.
• Brown Leather Officer Sam Browne Belt and Shoulder Strap, slightly mouse nibbled.
• Various shoulder braids.
• An officer's Trench mirror of polished steel marked Manning Bowman & Co of Meriden, Connecticut complete with fabric wallet.
• A spool of ivory colored thread marked "1918 - Thread used on the of Airplanes WW1"
• A truly charming, what appears to be, gold plated Safety Razor set in original steel case marked "Gillette, Known the World Over" which also contains a separate blade box of steel marked "Gillette".
• The pilot’s Croix de Guerre medal with original ribbon and bronze star.
• All contained in the original WW1 wooden foot locker made by Goldsmith and Company of Newark, New Jersey which still bears the Army Air Corps insignia of Gold Wings with a Red, Blue and White Roundel to the center on the lid.
• Vernon Dodges pilot’s book detailing all his training inside the United States and his INDIVIDUAL RECORD CARD signed by a Major Baldinger certifying his readiness for combat in France.
• Best of all we have we have an ORIGINAL 6 1/2" x 11" photograph of Vernon Dodge wearing his leather flying Jacket, leather flight helmet and goggles, at the age of about 22. He looks like a FILM STAR!
• A few scans of research documents also included but there's lost more research potential with this guy!

It seems to us that this handsome young flyer, got the training, got the commission, the fancy uniform, and a free trip to Europe just in time to be present before the end and then got the Croix de Guerre with all those bragging rights! No doubt he got the girls too! Think he ever worked for Pan Am? And he lived to 85! God Bless him!

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