Original U.S. WWI Model 1917 Bolo Knife by Plumb St. Louis dated 1918 with M1910 Scabbard by Brauer Bros.

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice Model 1917 C.T. Bolo knife, manufactured by Fayette R. Plumb Inc, whose main factory was in the Bridesburg region of Philadelphia, PA. They had another factory, just constructed, in St. Louis as well, and 1917 bolos were produced at both.

This model was a moderate simplification of the earlier 1910 Bolo made by Springfield Armory. The main difference is the lack of the catch mechanism on the scabbard and grip. It was manufactured by contractors such as Plumb and A.C. Co. The blade ricasso of this example is marked:


The reverse is marked:

1917 C.T.

The blade on this example has been sharpened and cleaned several times, which has removed part of the markings, as well as virtually all of the factory finish. The main edge of many 1917s, such as this one, is mostly ground from the factory from one side, while the other side was left flat. The edge on the tips and near the ricasso are ground from both sides. This example still has part of the original blade profile intact, with the left side having been ground in a lot.

The grip is in very good condition, with most of the original ribbed texture, and a nice walnut color. The screws are still holding both sides tightly. There is some wear and hairline cracking near the pommel, as is common on knives of this age. The cross guard also has a bit of bending, but no cracks or repairs.

The leather tip of the canvas scabbard sleeve is marked:


Scabbard is in very good condition, with only light wear, and fully intact leather and stitching. It is in the earlier M1910 configuration, and has the hook on one side for locking into the crossguard of the earlier model Bolo Knife. The M1917 Bolo knife has a simple hole in place of the lock, so it can use the earlier scabbards without modification.

Overall Very Fine, and a great chance to add to any military knife collection.

Blade Length: 10 1/4"
Blade Style: "Bolo" Machete
Overall length: 15“
Crossguard: 3 3/4”
Scabbard Length: 11"

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