Original U.S. WWI Medic’s First Aid Bag Loaded with Period Medical Supplies

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. WWI Medic’s Aid Bag Loaded with original period medical supplies. Absolutely perfect for a Great War medical display! The bag itself is a U.S. Issue Grenade Bag which was modified by a soldier to fit his needs as a medical satchel. During WWI Medics and Corpsmen were issued rather cumbersome belts to carry their supplies. The only bag that was issued in relatively small numbers was the Model 1904, which was nearly useless for carrying any amount of supplies. It makes sense that a WWI US medic would devise something like this.

The bag is absolutely filled with medical supplies. Most of the supplies to be of WWI vintage, while some appear to have been replenished at some point later after WWI. Perhaps this bag was carried by a former doughboy into civilian service after WWI, or perhaps into WWII with the American Field Service, or as a member of the Civil Defense…we will never know for sure!

Packed with all sorts of items, this would make a wonderful display on its very own!

Idiot Clause - the contents of this kit are WWI Era manufacture and are NOT suitable for use. They are being sold as novelty collector pieces only.

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