Original U.S. WWI M1917 Enfield Rifle Bayonet by Remington with British WWII Scabbard

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Original items: Only One Available. This is a very good example of the rare and hard to find U.S. M1917 Enfield bayonet, complete with a British Issue Scabbard for the P1907 and P14 bayonets. The M1917 bayonet was originally designed to be used with the US M1917 Enfield .30 caliber rifle, as well as with the seven different U.S. trench shotguns. The blade is 17 inches (43.18 cm) long. The M1917 Enfield was the U.S. Version of the British P-14 rifle, and the bayonets used are identical, down to the double groove in the grips, used to differentiate the bayonets from the P-1907 for the SMLE rifle. This example looks to have been used in WWII by the British, possibly for a trench shotgun, indicated by the WWII British Scabbard.

This bayonet is in very good condition, and is marked on the blade ricasso with date 1917 over the REMINGTON in a circle manufacturer's mark. The reverse ricasso is marked with the ordnance "Flaming Bomb" over U.S., next to an Eagle / 15 proof mark. The blade is in very good condition, though it is has been arsenal refinished with a parkerized phosphate finish. This indicates it was almost certainly reissued for WWII to use with Trench Shotguns. The hilt still has a nice blued finish, with a very nice pair of grip scales.

The scabbard is also in good shape, with intact leather, though it does show some wear and scratching, but is still solid. The original steel fittings have a good deal of their original finish. It is marked MANGROVITE '42, so it is a WWII produced scabbard.

A great chance to pick up a very nice condition rare bayonet with scabbard. Ready to display!

More on the M1917 Bayonet

The M1917 bayonet was used first during World War I by American soldiers on the Western Front. A sword bayonet design, the M1917 bayonet design was based on the British P1907 bayonet, which incorporated a long 17-inch blade. While designed primarily for the M1917 rifle the bayonet was fitted for use on all the "trench" shotguns at the time.

The M1917 was used frequently during the several different Banana Wars.

The U.S. continued to use the Word War I-made M1917 bayonets during World War II because of large stockpiles left over. The new Trench Guns being procured and issued were still designed to use the old M1917 bayonet.

The bayonet was again called on during the Korean War for issue with the various Trench guns still in service.

Blade Length: 17"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 21 3/4
Crossguard: 3 1/8
Scabbard Length: 18"

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