Original U.S. WWI M1917 Enfield Bayonet with Belt & Frog Reissued for WWII British Home Guard

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Original Item: Only One Available. During the often dark days of early WWII, the British Home Guard were armed with almost anything that could be found. Fortunately some of the U.S. Aid consisted of M-1917 Enfield Rifles in 30-06 caliber and accessories which were a different cartridge from the British Army's .303 cal. The Home Guard were the obvious choice to get this aid, and in fact also carried the British version of the M-1917, the P-14, the same rifle but in .303 cal.

Here we have a P-1939 Home Guard brown leather waist belt constructed exactly like the Army's web equivalent, but utilizing leather rather than cotton web. The mounts
were the same all being made from brass. Attached to the belt is M1917 bayonet in its original U.S. heavy leather scabbard marked JEWELL 1918. The scabbard has been modified by having the normal belt "hooks" removed and a very tight permanent leather belt frog installed.

The bayonet is marked 1917 over REMINGTON in a circle on the ricasso. The reverse has the Ordnance "Flaming Bomb" over U.S., along with an Eagle / 23 inspection stamp. The wood grips are in very good condition, with no chips or cracks we can see, and just light denting. The finish on the blade is worn, with some small traces of past pitting, indicating the long service life of a bayonet that may have seen service in two world wars. The edge shows some nicks and other damage, but no real post arsenal sharpening. The finish on the pommel is nice, but there is also some surface rust there as well.

This set has remained together in an attic since WWII, only coming to light in a house sale in England last year. A very nice original British WWII Home Guard Bayonet, M-1917 Scabbard, Belt and Frog Set!

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