Original U.S. WWI M1917 AEF Railroad Troops Painted Helmet

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a staggeringly rare and unique hand painted helmet for the railroad corps of American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in World War One.It features an insignia of an R inside a diamond along with bright original period colored camouflage paint in various shades of blue, red yellow, green, black and white. 

Offered with complete liner and chinstrap. The shell is maker marked with a stamping on the underside of the rim that reads ZC 305. This is an wonderful example of a genuine USGI Great War helmet offered with a totally unique and original paint job.

•The M1917 was the US Army's first modern combat helmet, used from 1917 and during the 1920s, before being replaced by the M1917A1. The M1917A1 helmet was an updated version of the M1917 and initially used refurbished WW1 shells.

The M1917 is a near identical version of the British Mk.I steel helmet, and it is important to note that when the US joined the Great War in 1917 they were initially issued with a supply of around 400,000 British made Mk.Is, before production began state side. The M1917 differed slightly in its lining detail, and exhibited US manufacture markings.

M1917 helmet liners typically show a paper label at the crown and the dome rivet head. The liner is set up as on the British versions, with an oilcloth band and net configuration, attached to a leather strap, riveted to the shell. The chinstrap is leather with steel buckle.

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