Original U.S. WWI M1910 Rimless Eagle Snap Dismounted Rifle Cartridge Belt by MILLS

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This belt has rimless eagle snaps and was manufactured by the MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT Co. of Worcester, Mass. The 10 pocket ammunition belt in both rimless and rimmed eagle snaps was worn by the first doughboys of the AEF who arrived in France, 1917. Each pocket could hold two 5 round stripper clips of .30-06 ammo for the M-1903 Springfield Rifle, the M-1917 Enfield, or the British Short Magazine Lee Enfield No. 1 Mark III. 

Belts, such as this, made before 1917 had a retaining strap in each pocket to hold one of the two 5 round stripper clips. Belts that were manufactured from 1917-1918 eliminated the straps to cut costs and simplify production. The mounted version of the M1910 belt was similar to the M1909 Cavalry belt in that it had four revolver ammunition clip pockets.

This is a very good example, with a great patina of age. The pouches still have ghosts of the "Cartridge" Logo Ink stamp, and the brass fittings on the connecting belt have the Mills logo, name, and WWI patent dates. There is some oxidation on the fittings. as expected on a 100 year old belt.

In great shape and ready to display!

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