Original U.S. WWI M1907 Pattern Springfield Rifle Leather Sling - dated 1918

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Original Item: Only One Available. Standard issue WW1 1907 pattern sling used on the 1903 Springfield rifle and the M1 Garand Rifle made famous as the standard rifle of the U.S. military from WW2 to just before Vietnam.

M1907 WWI Leather Sling in good condition. The Standard U.S. service rifle Sling at the time of the adoption of the M1917 "Enfield" rifle was the M1907 leather sling used with the M1903 Springfield. The M1907 Sling was adopted for use with the M1 Garand rifle in 1936. The M1907 Sling was used throughout WWII with the "M1" rifle. The adjustment hooks and hardware on early M1907 Slings were made of brass, while the later WWII examples had steel hardware. The M1907 Sling was also utilized with the Winchester M1897 Trench Gun during WWI and on all WWII Winchester, Stevens, Ithaca, etc trench guns and riot guns equipped with slings.

Condition of leather is good, though it has dried. This sling possibly was never used, though more likely it was cleaned, removing a lot of the natural oils. It is complete with heavy stitching, proper adjustment holes and both correct pattern "blacked" brass hooks (fittings). Keeper loops are unfortunately missing. Some cracking is evident but overall it is totally functional and serviceable. There is a good amount of verdigris around all the metal fittings. An excellent upgrade for any U.S. issue WWI or WW2 rifle.


[?] & K.
W. J. D.

Both S. & K. and H. & K. are known markings on these slings. We are not able to make out the first letter, as it was stamped very close to the claw fittings.

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