Original U.S. WWI Liberty Loan Poster - Invest In the Victory - They Kept the Sea Lanes Open

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Original Item: Only One Available. This World War One Color Lithograph Poster created by the artist L. A. Shafer. Poster measures approximately 39.5" x 29" and reads:

They Kept the Sea Lanes Open
Invest In the Victory Liberty Loan

The color image depicts a surrendering German U-boat to an USN Navy destroyer which has protected an American civilian passenger ship making its way across the open ocean. A nearly identical example is located at the Fine Arts Museums of  San Fransisco and can be seen at this link.

This war effort poster is a symbol of the Navy's efforts to keep the oceans and sea lanes open, secure them for American troops and transportation ships with supplies to Europe during World war I. The German U-boats struck terror in all the convoys, but the propaganda campaigns would be a turnaround in the war by pulling in more money to the army and navy.

INVEST IN THE VICTORY LIBERTY LOAN was printed for the fifth and final Liberty Loan, known as the Victory Liberty Loan.
Published by W.F. Powers Co. Litho. NY

This example is in very good condition with ares of folds, wear, and pinching, it has been laminated for protection purposes, but that can be removed if desired.

World War I began as a conflict between the Allies (France, the United Kingdom, and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary). The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie ignited the war in 1914. Italy joined the Allies in 1915, followed by the United States in 1917. A ceasefire was declared at 11 AM on 11 November 1918. The poster was a major tool for broad dissemination of information during the war. Countries on both sides of the conflict distributed posters widely to garner support, urge action, and boost morale.
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