Original U.S. WWI Incredibly Rare Shinkle Hand Grenade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. One of the most sought after of the US early grenades is this excellent Shinkle. Per a respected grenade authority: “Shinkle Hand Grenade, Concussion Type, Experimental, dated Nov. 30, 1918." The grenade was the invention of Major Edward Marsh Shinkle who at the time was stationed at Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His idea of an impact fuzed hand grenade was undertaken and prototypes were made and tested. About the time they were close to program completion word was received that the commanders of the AEF did not want an impact grenade, as the impact fuze would be ineffective in the damp, muddy conditions of Trench Warfare. Therefore, the program was halted and efforts shifted to the MK I grenade. Later in 1918 word was received that the AEF did want an impact grenade and production of the Shinkle was started again. The war ended before major production could be achieved though, and the grenade faded into history. In August of 1918, there were only 800 in the inventory. This particular grenade is in excellent condition, retaining most of its original black paint, and is complete with original spoon (which retains almost all of its original grey finish) and safety pin.
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