Original U.S. WWI Era M1904 Army Haversack marked to New York Unit

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice condition WWI Era Model 1904 haversack, marked to a New York State regiment on the front:

(Crossed Rifles)

We were unable to identify the exact unit that this was used with, which would make an excellent research opportunity. During WWI and prior, the regimental structure was not nearly as clear as during WWII.

Condition of the haversack is very nice, with wear and staining commensurate to the age. All components are present and functional, though one of the rear snap hooks is quite rusted, and has stained the canvas. This is a very nice example of a Unit-Marked M1904 Haversack. Ready to display!

The Model 1904 haversack was the standard issue haversack for soldiers of the United States military prior to the introduction of the M1910 Haversack. The haversack allowed the soldier to carry his rations, mess gear, and small personal items. Although the M1904 haversack was outdated by World War I, many National Guard units arrived in France still using this haversack. This haversack was manufactured by the Rock Island Arsenal in 1904. This haversack still has the leather lace inside to close an inner pocket. The M1904 haversack attached to the cartridge belt using two bent wire hooks. Haversacks PRIOR to 1904 were carried using a leather strep. These too were issued to some soldiers during World War I.

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