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Original U.S. WWI “E-E-E-YAH-YIP, Go Over With U.S. Marines” Recruitment Poster by C.B. Falls - 21" x 28"

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Original Item: Only One Available. This striking 1917-1918 WWI U.S. Marines recruitment poster is by Charles Buckles Falls. The 21" x 28" poster depicts a Marine leading a charge, cheering as he raises his fixed bayonet rifle over his head. The poster is a bold orange field with Falls’ “eccentric” black lettering, which reads in three lines:


The origin and actual meaning of the Marine battle cry "E-E-E-Yah-Yip" is uncertain. However, it was a yell taught to Marine Recruits during basic training and carried over to the battlefield.

The poster is in excellent condition but does have a slight tear on the right side, hardly noticeable once mounted and framed! All colors are still vibrant and all lettering is still easily read.

In August of 1918, the World War was at its height and American patriotism had reached a peak as well. Recruiting posters and posters to encourage people to buy war bonds seemed to be everywhere. Tables set up on street corners to recruit men for the service were common.

Since the turn of the 20th century, America has used famous artists, slogans and various psychological appeals to find recruits for military service. The Marines, historically an all-volunteer service, had been the most adept at using the poster as a successful recruiting tool. As the country edged towards war, many of these artist volunteered their services to the Marine Corps’ recruiting effort.

As early as 1915, a volunteer group of artists was formed in New York under the direction of a small patriotic-minded council. The War Department had organized the group to produce posters to recruit men for service as the buildup for war heightened. The council matched requests from the War Department's Division of Pictorial Publicity with available artists.

Once a preliminary sketch was complete, it was sent from New York back to Washington, D.C., for final approval. For the Marine Corps, these requests for artwork originated at the U.S. Marine Corps Publicity Bureau, now established in Washington. Artists who provided artwork included such established artists as James Montgomery Flagg, Howard Chandler Christy and J. C. Leyendecker and Charles Buckles Falls.

Charles Buckles Falls, also known as C. B. Falls, was an American artist, most known for his illustrations and writings. He is the author and illustrator of several books, including The ABC Book. He is also known for his World War I poster advertisements, such as Books Wanted.

Falls is known for his skill as a letter-illustrator, often using large, "eccentric" black letters. He is also known for his woodblocks. Unlike most woodblock artists of his time, Falls incorporated brighter colors of blue, green, orange, and yellow, to contrast his black-inked woodcuts.

While working in Chicago, it is believed that Fall's style was inspired by the work of Phil May and Edward Penfield. After moving to New York, he would be influenced by the work of Art Nouveau.

Fall's signature also features its own style. On many of his illustrations, Falls drew a small box with his name or simply with the initial "F". This signature became so well known that eventually he was able to drop the initial from the box.

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