Original U.S. WWI British MKI Brodie Helmet with Doughboy-Applied Camouflage Paint - Complete

Item Description

Original Item: None-of-a-kind. This is a fantastic example of a genuine U.S. Great War hand painted camouflage helmet. The helmet itself is a scarce British MkI Brodie, which were issued to some units of the U.S Armed Forces by their ally, Britain. The helmet features a unique vibrant camouflage pattern on the exterior with two designs, one on the crown and one on the front. The front design appears to be a Red/White/Blue Roundel, which could possibly be an unofficial unit marking.

Offered with complete liner and chinstrap, it features textured original period colored camouflage paint in various shades of red, brown, blue, green,and white. The shell is maker marked with a stamping on the underside of the rim that reads D/F 93. The liner is in beautiful condition, and is secured inside the shell. The chinstrap is intact and unbroken, and retains its original unoiled russett color. The liner is marked size 6 ⅞ .

This is an wonderful example of a genuine US issued and worn Great War helmet!

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