Original U.S. WWI Army Model 1916 Infantry Saber Fencing Uniform - Mask - Vest - Gauntlets

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is an exceptionally rare 1916 practice and competition set designed for use with the U.S. Model 1913 Cavalry Saber also known as the Patton Saber. Then Second Lieutenant George S. Patton designed the saber in 1913.

This mask, vest and gauntlet set are for the saber and the fighting techniques specific to its use. This mask measures 19" high by 9" wide. It covers the wearer's head from the crown forward, including the ears on the sides. It features a covering made of fine mesh steel wire, the spacing of which is much greater in front so as not to obstruct vision. There is soft leather-lined padding along the top and cheeks, and a quilted upper chest and throat protector extending eight inches below the chin. Leather straps with buckles are used to fasten the device to the wearer's head along with a spring-loaded pad that secures it in the back. This mask is in very good original condition. The leather top pad is loose from the frame, but we suspect it was designed that way.

The quilted vest is in excellent condition with four leather strap with buckles all in functional condition. The vest is in in very good condition.

The gloves, or gauntlets are leather and stuff with horsehair for protection then riveted to wood forearm guards. They are in very good condition.  

A photo of a complete set can be found in the Imperial War Museum (see photo). Overall a wonderfully rare set that is offered in complete very good condition!
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