Original U.S. WWI Army and Marine Corps Field Gear Lot - 8 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 8 Available. The uniform and equipment used by American soldiers during the Great War was unique to the early 20th Century and also adapted to the rapid changes required by modern warfare at that time.

This Lot Includes The Following:

- “Meat Can” Pouch: This detachable pouch is designed to hold the mess tin (aka "meat can") on the Army and Marine Corps Haversacks

- M1916 “Pouch For Small Articles”: The conditions of service in Mexico in 1916, combined with the Army’s continuing effort to rid the Army of foot and shoe problems, along with the need for a convenient location in which to store the squad housewife collectively, spawned the need for the Pouch for Small Articles. Dated 1918.
- M1918 BAR Left Side Bandolier: Field used condition dated 1918 by P.B. & Co.
- M1917 Rifle Cartridge Belt: In 1917 the Army needed to redesign the M1910 cartridge belt for faster production by numerous contractors in order to equip the rapidly expanding force. The result was this model, with canvas body and woven webbing flaps. By LONG and dated 1918.
- M1910 Second Pattern Haversack & M1910 Pack Carrier: In 1910 the U.S. Army adopted the M-1910 haversack (or M10) as the standard back pack for all infantrymen. The pack is essentially a sheet of rugged khaki-colored canvas that folds around its contents (bedroll, clothing, daily rations, and assorted personal items), and is held together by flaps and adjustable buckle-straps. The two shoulder straps are designed to attach to a web belt or suspender configuration. The exterior of the pack has loops, rings, and grommet tabs for attaching a bayonet sheath, a “meat can” (mess kit) pouch, and a canvas carrier for a short-handled shovel (a.k.a. entrenchment tool).
- M1910 Puttees Leg Wraps

- Pair of Leg Gaiters
This is a wonderful opportunity to add beautiful WWI field gear items to your collections. This is perfect for the season collectors and beginners alike. Comes more than ready for display!
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