Original U.S. WWI 250lb Aerial Demolition Bomb

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. This is an American Great War Aerial Demolition bomb that measures approximately 48" in length and 7" across the fins. It is completely inert and is in compliance with the current BATF guidelines on Ordnance.

Not Available For Export.

This example is offered in wonderful condition, having been recently repainted in a very nice OD green color. Even empty, it weighs an impressive 47lbs, as the front half of the casing is reinforced, most likely for better penetrating power. It makes a fantastic memento of a biplane pilot's time at war and well preserved for the past 100 years.

The bomb is somewhat "crude" compared to even post war examples, as these were welded together by hand. Aerial warfare was in its infancy, particularly the ability to carry any type of bombing payload. The large machinery needed to make a seamless casing did not yet exist, and the fins are attached by nuts and bolts, as with most WWI examples. The rear stabilizers are double reinforced to prevent bending during handling.

Due to the large size of this WWI bomb, we were not able to find out much about the official designation, and leave that as a great research opportunity. Very impressive and ready to display!

Aerial drop bombs are divided into classes according to the use for which they are intended.

There are three general types, viz, high-capacity (demolition), fragmentation, and incendiary, all of which have been designed and equipped to meet the requirements abroad. Changes are constantly being made in details, such as the method of suspension, to make possible the use of the bombs in new release mechanisms and planes.

High-capacity drop bombs, so called because of the large ratio of the weight of the explosive to the weight of the casing, are used for general demolition purposes. The targets engaged include fortified positions, railroad terminals and lines, heavy structures of all kinds, supply depots, ammunition dumps, etc.

Fragmentation bombs are used against personnel, such as troops in the field or on the march, or wherever the protection afforded is slight. These bombs carry a relatively small charge of explosive in a heavy steel casing and depend for their effect on the fragmentation of this casing.

Incendiary bombs are used for incendiary purposes against ammunition dumps, aerodromes, grain fields, etc. There are two types, the scatter and the intensive. Dummy drop bombs were used for instructional purposes.

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