Original U.S. WWI 20th Engineers AEF Named Uniform Grouping

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. This is a very scarce authentic WWI collection from corporal William Albert Coons serial number 173,613 from the US Army- 9th Co 20th Engineers. Included in this exceptional set are the following:

• Tunic- Approximate size 38 features all the original buttons, patches, chevrons, and engineer collar back. Offered in very good condition with a minor moth hole in the left shoulder epaulette.
• Garrison overseas cap approximate size 7 1/4
• Bread/document bag named to W.A. COONS 9th Co 20th Engr. A.E.F.
• Photo postcard of him with notes to his great grand daughter (soldier in the middle).
• Photocopy of his Form No. 724-1, A.G.O., Dated June 3, 1919.
• Small leather change purse named MASTER COONS with three loose tunic buttons.

The 20th Engineers was the largest regiment ever to exist in the United States Army. From its beginning in 1917, it grew to over 500 officers and 30,000 soldiers by Armistice Day in 1918. The organization included 14 battalions deployed to France, with another 14 battalions and additional company-sized units attached, and 15 more battalions still organizing in the United States. Its missions were among the most diverse of the American Expeditionary Forces, from operating within direct combat range of German forces, to units scattered along the Spanish border; its soldiers were among the first to arrive in France, and among the last to return home. The primary function of the 20th Engineers was forestry--to produce lumber and timber for Allied forces--but its flexibility and command structure allowed for a wide range of other engineer missions.

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