Original U.S. WWI 1915 dated Military Brass Bugle by Wm. H. Horstmann Co. with Mouthpiece

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice U.S. WWI Issue Military Bugle, complete with the original mouthpiece. The bugle is made completely of brass, and is most likely in Eb, the usual key that bugles of the time were pitched in. The bell shows a brazing seam around the flare spout, which is easier to see on the inside of the bell. It still has the complete maker marking and date:

SPEC. 1152
6 - 15 - 15

The bugle definitely does have a fair amount of dents and bending, as expected from one that saw long service. The mouthpiece receiver is slightly bent inwards, and the bell is somewhat dented in.

A great piece of WWI militaria, ready to display!

The word bugle in the United States is often used as a generic term for many types of horns including the instruments used by the armed services, drum and bugle corps and by various other organizations such as the Boy Scouts. Nevertheless, bugles have always been specified correctly by the armed services and the suppliers and manufacturers of these instruments as either bugles (a conical bore natural horn) or as a field trumpet (a cylindrical bore natural horn over 2/3rds of its length).

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