Original U.S. Whitney No. 1-1/2 Rimfire .32cal Brass Frame Single Action Revolver Serial 1953B c.1873

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of one of the small revolvers made by Whitneyville Armory, located in Whitneyville Connecticut. This area, today near Hamden Connecticut, was so named due to its association with the famous Eli Whitney, the inventor of the Cotton Gin. Whitney also manufactured firearms, such as Springfield Muskets, and his son, also named Eli Whitney, followed in his footsteps. The factory was expanded, and the area became known as "Whitneyville", making firearms throughout the 19th century. Eventually, after several consolidations, the factory became "Whitneyville Armory."

This is a lovely 5 shot .32cal rimfire pistol, made for self protection, and would easily fit in a coat pocket. Whitneyville Armory termed this their No. 1-1/2 model, and with a brass frame and blued steel, it is quite lovely. The revolver is marked with serial number 1953B on the bottom of the grip, with 953 on the cylinder axis pin/ejector, on the inside of both grip scales, and on the rear of the cylinder. The barrel is labeled with serial number 987, and may be a factory replacement, which may explain the "B" after the serial number, which usually is a factory "work done" indicator.

It also is faintly marked on the top barrel flat with:

PAT. MAY 25. 1871

This is one of many revolvers made in the late 19th Century patterned after Smith & Wesson Revolvers, firing rimfire cartridges and having spur triggers. These were so prolific that the major makers such as Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Remington virtually abandoned the small pistol market.

The revolver has lovely wooden grips, which look to possibly be rosewood, with a lovely varnished finish. Overall the revolver does look to have been refinished at some point, at least on the blued portions. The brass portions, original nickel plated, have had the plating mostly wear away, except under the grip scales. The revolver cycles well, with good indexing and cylinder lockup. We cycled it several times, and did not notice any finicky behavior. We also checked the bore, and it has clear lands and grooves, with a partly bright finish. There is a bit of oxidation in the grooves, as expected for a revolver that has seen use.

Fully cleaned and ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: c.1875
Caliber: .32cal
Ammunition Type: Rimfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 3 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 7 1/2 inches
Action: Single Action
Feed System: 5 Shot Revolver

NOTE: As this is chambered for .32" rimfire ammunition, this revolver may not be considered "obsolete calibre" in the UK. International orders of antique firearms MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services (courier). USPS Priority Mail international will not accept these.

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