Original U.S. Walking Cane Named to Near York Gang Leader Edward Coleman of “The Forty Thieves" - dated 1836

Item Description

Original item. One of a Kind. This is a striking Walking Cane in one of the earliest forms of of "UNCLE SAM" we've ever seen. A beautifully carved caricature of a very tall Uncle Sam with his hands in his pockets with long hair a the typical TOP HAT inlaid with SIX Silver stars. The top of the top hat has an inlaid Silver plaque engraved:-


If you go on the Internet and enter GANG LEADERS OF NEW YORK, this guy comes up as the leader of the first of these organized gangs: "THE FORTY THIEVES". There is also a host of information on him. Coleman was finally arrested, convicted of beating his wife to death, and subsequently hanged. After the execution there were rumours that he was in fact innocent of his wife's killing, but all agreed he could not have met a better end.

THE FORTY THIEVES predated the terrible years of the New York gangs during the Civil War so well described in the movie starring LIAM NISSEN and DANIEL DAY LEWIS.

An important piece of NEW YORK HISTORY, ready to display!

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