Original U.S. Vietnam War Radio Pack Set RT-505 PRC-25 with ST-138 Carry Harness, Whip Antennas and Handset

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The AN/PRC-25 (AKA “Prick-25”) had a relatively short but very successful history. In 1967 General Creighton Abrams, deputy commander of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam called the PRC-25 “The most important tactical item in Vietnam today”. It was still in FM 24-24 as late as 1994 but it was long gone from US active service before then. TM11-5820-398-12 applies, among others.

The ST-138 had corner brackets to hold the weight of the radio and stiffeners to better distribute that weight along either side of your backbone. And a vent hole to allow the ventilation. Unfortunately, these stiffeners made the assemblage unable to stand vertically on its own.

Radio comes with an original handset, 1 whip antenna and 2 flexible bases. Radio appears to be in good condition but we have not tested functionality. We do not guarantee it will be working, but it appears to be mechanically complete.

Basic Characteristics: (Preliminary)
Frequency Coverage: 30 – 75.95 MC in 2 bands: 30-52.95 MC and 53 to 75.95 MC, each in 50 KC increments. 920 Channels total
Frequency Modulated (FM) “wideband” voice
Technology: Transistorized except for vacuum tube
2DF4 in the transmitter power amplifier
Transmitter deviation: 10 KC nominal
Power Source: BA-386/PRC-25 or BA-4386/PRC-25 battery (portable) or the vehicular amplifier 24 volt Power Supply as the VRC-53 or GRC-125
Battery life: 60 hours with BA-4386/PRC-25. Depends upon transmit-receive ratio in use.

Power Output: 1.5 Watts (Band 2) to 2 watts (Band 1) minimum
Selectivity: (not specified) Defined by measurements made using Test Set TS-723/U
Sensitivity: (not specified) Defined by measurements made using Test Set TS-723/U
Squelch: Tone (150 cps) Operated “Squelch” mode selected by front panel function switch. Squelch is disabled when the Function switch is in the “ON” position.
Weight: 25 pounds with battery and accessories, as carried
Planning Range: 3-5 miles *

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