Original U.S Vietnam War Navy Practice Bomb Mk 15 Mod 4 - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This bomb is totally inert and deactivated following guidelines provided by the ATF. It cannot be converted to an explosive device and is not available for export. This example is offered in good condition and has been repainted.

This is a Cold War/Vietnam War-era inert Mk 15 Mod 4 Practice Bomb as used by the US Navy for aerial bombing training. It is inert, and would be filled with sand or water. A flash tube, which would extend throughout its transverse axis, would house a pyrotechnic signal and firing pin assembly to detonate upon impact to mark its landing relative to the target.

The Mk 15 is made of welded sheet metal. The empty weight is approximately 17 lbs. When filled with water (4.55 gallons) it weighs approximately 56 lbs, and 95 lbs when filled with wet sand. Under freezing conditions, a mixture of antifreeze could be used instead of water. The overall length is 41 inches with a diameter of 8 inches.
These bombs are impact fired signal-generating, practice bombs used for training aircrews.

Practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 2 is identical to the Mod 3 except that it is not adapted for the use of a fuze and signal. It is filled with water or a mixture of sand and water for spotting purposes. For training purposes, a small washer may be soldered to the nose of the bomb to simulate a fuze.

Practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 3 has a light cased, cylindrical body with a threaded filling hole in its rounded nose. A box fin assembly consisting of four metal vanes attached to a cone is welded to the aft end of the body. The bomb is used with practice bomb signal Mk 7 Mod 0 and inert fuze Mk 247 Mod 0 both of which are secured to the aft end of the bomb.

The practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 4 is a light cased, cylindrical bomb with a round nose and an integral box fin and cone. A flash tube, extending throughout its transverse axis, houses a pyrotechnic signal and firing pin assembly.
This is an original and comes in good condition with dings and the expected scratches, a new pair of hanging hooks have been welded to the bomb to create an easy display.
Comes ready to display in your Cold War collections!

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