Original U.S. Vietnam War M69 Flak Vest Body Armor by Rachman - Medium

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Excellent condition M69 Flak Vest Body Armor with 3/4 Collar in size medium. Manufactured by Rachman Manufacturing Compnay. Bulletproof with hips drawstring, aluminum buckle, front two pockets.

Widely used by Army infantry, Navy sailor and Marine also equipped a few. Like its predecessor M-1952A, it was fabricated from 12 piles of ballistic nylon, protect wearer form explosion fragment. In fact, the name “M69” is the 1969 version of this series body armor’s model ( Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, w/ ¾ Collar, M-69 ). Since this series of body armor are similar to each other, people refer all of them by “M69”.

MEDIUM 8470-122-1300

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