Original U.S. Vietnam War M65 Battery Commander’s Periscope with M17 Tripod

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The M65 Battery Commander’s Periscope (BC) is a binocular instrument used for forward observation and for the measurement of angles of sight and azimuth for artillery fire. The M65 consists of two periscopic-type telescopes joined at the top by a hinge mechanism to permit adjustment of the distance between the eyepieces.

The M65 was one of the highest precision field optics ever fielded by the US Armed Forces. It was used for observing artillery fire on the enemy and has high precision graduated scales, filters, micrometers, level and illuminated recital so that artillery could be brought to bear exactly where it would do the most damage. It even has a small flash light for use in reading the scales and micrometers at night.

This excellent example of a Vietnam War era United States Military M65 Battery Commander (BC) Periscope/Binocular with its original M39A1 Wood Case includes both the M48 Mount and M17 Tripod. Optics are clear, all controls/knobs present and adjust. Optics are clear. M17 wood tripod legs fully functional, thumb screw adjustments function, legs unfold and extend as required.
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