Original U.S. Vietnam War M60 Display Machine Gun - 3rd Army Training Aids Center Fort Benning

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Original Item: Only One Available. The M60 machine gun began development in the late 1940s as a program for a new, lighter 7.62 mm machine gun. It was derived from German machine guns of World War II (most notably the FG 42 and to a lesser extent the MG 42), but it contained American innovations as well. Early prototypes, notably the T52 and T161 bore a close resemblance to both the M1941 Johnson machine gun and the FG-42. It was intended to replace the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle and M1919A6 Browning machine gun in the squad automatic weapon role, and in the medium machine gun role.

The U.S. Army officially adopted the M60 in 1957. It later served in the Vietnam War as a squad automatic weapon with many U.S. units. Every soldier in the rifle squad would carry an additional 200 linked rounds of ammunition for the M60, a spare barrel, or both. The up-gunned M113 armored personnel carrier ACAV added two M60 gunners beside the main .50 caliber machine gun, and the Patrol Boat, River had one in addition to two .50 cal mounts.

During the Vietnam War, the M60 received the nickname "The Pig" due to its size.

This is an official non-firing U.S. Army Training Aid produced by the Training Support Center (TSC) at Fort Benning. It is comprised of 40% original M60 parts; barrel, front sight, bipod, flash hider, and gas tube and 60% heavy gauge rubber which includes the receiver, trigger assembly and buttstock. The receiver is nicely embossed:


These training Machine Guns were designed strictly for government use and only very occasionally appear on the market for civilian collectors. They are exceptionally rare! This will probably be your only chance to own a totally legal and safe M60 Machine gun that was produced by the U.S. Government.

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