Original U.S. Vietnam War M25A1 Chemical-Biological Gas Mask with Filter

Item Description

Original Item: M25A1 Chemical-Biological Tank Protective Mask also known as the  'M25 Mask' or 'Tank Gas Mask' was developed in 1963 and used into the 1908s.

The M25A1 Chemical-Biological Tank Gas Mask (not to be confused with the M24 Chemical-Biological Aircraft Mask, which uses a different microphone and opposite-sided carrier) was an amendment to the M25, which was an M14A2 Mask with outsert mounts. The M25A1 was designed as the standard protective mask for armor crews, and it did so by incorporating an internal microphone for use with the helmet intercom and a filter coupling to connect with the vehicle's collective protector supplied air system via hose. The M25A1 was introduced in 1963 and was phased out with the M42 Series in the mid-1990's.

The mask is considerably flimsy, with thin rubber and a flexible lens in contrast with the hose, which is wire-reinforced and nylon coated. The whole assembly is rather bulky and uses the outdated M10A1 filter, a WWII vintage design.

This example is offered in very good condition.

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