Original U.S. Vietnam War LAU-3 Rocket Launcher - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Well, you won't see one of these again anytime soon! The United States was the primary user of this type of weapon and developed a number of different launching pods for it. LAU-3 pods were constructed of aluminum-reinforced cardboard and were intended to be disposed of either on the ground after a mission or by dropping them in-flight. With the advent of the armed helicopter, and the increased usage during the Vietnam War, the need for launching pods that were reusable became apparent, so that later models were of all-metal construction. Though the rocket was initially developed by the US Navy, the US Air Force and later US Army were most responsible for the development of rocket pods for all services. You can see on at the National Air Force Museum at this link.

The LAU-3 could fire its 2.75-inch rockets individually, rapidly in sequence or all at once. These rockets carried either high explosive (HE), high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) or white phosphorus (WP) warheads.

This is a very rare example of a disposable rocket launching tube offered in very good condition. Please note that one aluminum end ring is cracked.

It measures 50” long with a diameter of 15.5”.
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