Original U.S. Vietnam War Infantryman Jungle Combat Uniform with Body Armor and M-56 Gear Set

Item Description

- Original U.S. WWII Vietnam tropical combat fatigue jacket in size small-regular offered in very good condition. Jungle Jacket remains in excellent condition. It is constructed of green non-rip-stop cotton material and complete will all buttons. Sewn above the left breast pocket is a "U.S. ARMY" tag with black embroidered letters on an OD green canvas background. Both shoulders bear Specialist Rank Patches. Has original tag with NSN# 8405-082-5566 and size small-long 33 - 37 chest, height 67 to 71 inches.

- Original U.S. Vietnam War M69 Flak Vest Body Armor by Lite Industries - Medium   Excellent condition M69 Flak Vest Body Armor with 3/4 Collar in a size extra large. Manufactured by Hunter Outdoor Products Inc. Bulletproof with hips drawstring, aluminum buckle, front two pockets. Widely used by Army infantry, Navy sailor and Marine also equipped a few. Like its predecessor M-1952A, it was fabricated from 12 piles of ballistic nylon, protect wearer form explosion fragment. In fact, the name “M69” is the 1969 version of this series body armor’s model ( Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, w/ ¾ Collar, M-69 ). Since this series of body armor are similar to each other, people refer all of them by “M69”.

- Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War M1 Helmet with Reversible Camouflage Cover with M-1944 goggles with green tint lens.

- Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War M-56 Suspenders. The suspenders originally had simple wire buckles on each strap. These are referred to as "4-wire" suspenders and lack the snaps of later suspenders. In 61 specs were changed to make the front hooks out of aluminum and the rear hooks became the standard gated snap. You see these changes in the 1963 production year. A later change in the suspenders was the use of nylon for the underneath padding of the suspender body. These suspenders are typically early 70's production.

-  Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War M-56 Pistol Belt. The pistol belt was originally issued in 1956 with a horizontal weave body (left to right). There is no documentation that I have seen that proves the date for the authorization for vertical wave belts, but it is safe to assume that this change occurred with the revisions of 1961 as there are vertical weave (up and down) belts that are dated 1962 and photo documentation of them being used pre-65/66. The horizontal weave belts were made in conjunction with the vertical up to about 65, likely as a result of pre-existing contracts being filled. In 65/66 they also began producing belts with the Trapezoid shaped "Davis buckle." These buckles never fully replaced the standard ball fastener system, but seem to be made in limited numbers throughout the mid to late 60's.

- 2 x Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War M-56 Universal Small Arms Ammo Pouch. The original pouches were produced with a stiffener in the front of the pouch and the closure toggle has a grommet in the end. In 1961 the specs were changed to drop the stiffener and the grommet. The Pouch, Ammunition, M-16A1 Rifle is an interesting side experiment of the M-56 ammo pouch that was produced for about 6 months from late 67 into early 68. These are commonly referred to as "short" M-56 ammo pouches as they look identical to the M-56 pouch except that they are shorter to accommodate the 20rd M16 magazine. The short production time is due to the fact that the M-67 nylon ammo pouch was introduced into production and replaced it.

- 2 x Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War 1qt Canteen with M-56 Canteen Cover. The 1qt canteen in 1956 was essentially the same metal body with plastic cap carried throughout WWII and Korea. In 1962, the plastic 1qt canteens were designed and began limited production in 63 on a larger scale. However, it is not until the mid-60's that they become the most common style. The M-56 Canteen Cover was issued without major changes from 1956 through 1966. During this period, there was a transition from a felted insulation lining to a synthetic fleece lining.The only cosmetic exterior change occurred in 1967. At this time the trim around the canteen cover flaps was changed from cotton to a nylon trim.

- Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War M-56 / M-61 Individual Field Pack. The "buttpack" was originally a square design with no liner. In 1961 the pack was revised to be larger and it had the addition of the rubber throat in the liner.

- Original U.S. WWII Vietnam War MX-991/U Flashlight by GT Price (aka GI Flashlight, Army flashlight, or Moonbeam). This is a right-angle-head flashlight developed from the TL-122 military flashlight series of 1937-1944 and is a development of the MX-99/U flashlight issued in 1963. Produced since the Vietnam era, the MX-991/U has been made by various contractors over the years, including GT Price, Bright Star, and Fulton Industries. MX-991/U flashlights currently issued to the United States Army and United States Marines are produced by Fulton Industries.

- Original U.S. Vietnam War era M17 Gas Mask with Bag in excellent condition.

- Original U.S. Vietnam War era Combat boots size 11

Overall all items are offered in very good condition and display wonderfully!

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