Original U.S. Vietnam War Fort Benning Army Oversized M-60 Machine Gun Classroom Trainer - 7 Feet Long

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.  This is an Incredibly rare Vietnam Era massive oversized M-60 Machine Gun Classroom Trainer. This giant is approximately 7’3” long, and weight 27 lbs. This is perhaps the second one of these we have seen out on the market in the last twenty years. Needless to say, these are exceptionally rare!
This differentiates from the early Korean War era M1 Garand, Carbine, 1919, and BAR Classroom Trainers  that are much more frequently encountered. These M-60s generally were made by personnel at small shops on base. These are rumored to have originated from Fort Benning (as the examples that have surfaced have originated in that area). As there officially was not a contracted manufacturer for these trainers, units made these instead in-house.  As a result, the trainer is made of a variety of materials; metal, wood, plexiglass, etc. Needless to say, these were not made to last as they were not quite as durable as the earlier factory made versions of Korean War Era Weapons. Taking into consideration how, and of what, these models were made, it is truly amazing any survived the last several decades at all.
This model features a functional trigger, bolt, and gas system. Pull the charging handle back and charge the bolt, pull the trigger and the bolt goes forward (thus involving the gas system cutaway as well). Almost everything work; The top cover pops open, the carry handle pivots, the rear sight pops up, etc. We have found that the actions work best when the M60 is standing on end while the butt sits on the ground, with the barrel vertical. However, apply some Silicone Oil to the right places should remedy that!  Comes with a modern made stand.
This is a must have for the serious collector of US firearms!  Perfect for display!
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