Original U.S. Vietnam War Fighter Pilot Canopy Egress Knife With Fuselage Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Since man discovered tool making and the importance of them, knives have played a crucial role in our survivability. Whether it was for hunting, making other tools, defense purposes, you name it, knives have always been important.

This knife, which appears to be more of an oyster shucker than a military tool, is one of the most important tools located in the cockpit of fighter aircraft. This small but heavy knife features a 2 ½” hardened steel blade with an integrated 4 ⅝” handle. The blade has a single edge and was only sharpened slightly. The tool was not necessarily intended for cutting purposes, but if the need called for it, sure it could inflict some serious damage against an attacker. The main purpose of this knife was for egress purposes, to break the thick canopy of an aircraft if the canopy wouldn’t open and the pilot needed to escape.

In the event a pilot was trapped in the aircraft they were flying, they would use the “Push Pull” method to release the securing pin, being able to remove the tool from the fuselage mount. This heavy duty steel knife is strong enough to withstand being repeatedly bashed into the canopy, breaking it, allowing you to egress and get to safety. Modern canopies are constructed of acrylic and are vacuum formed, and breaks similar to plexiglass.

This knife was an important tool to have in a cockpit and they are still seen today mounted in cockpits. Depending on the aircraft, they are usually located to the left or right side of the instrument panel and painted a bright color, making it easily visible.

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