Original U.S. Vietnam War Era TA-43/PT Field Telephones with WD-1/TT Field Telephone Wire

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set available. This is a very nice set of Vietnam War Era U.S. TA-43/PT Field Telephones complete in the original CY-1277A/PT carry cases. This equipment has not been tested by IMA but we were told that they are functional. However, we will not guarantee functionality.

One unit still has the original data plate, which reads:

SERIAL NO. 22922
ORDER NO. 23769-PC-61

Also included is are unused 1/2 mile roll of WD-1/TT field phone wire in original MX 306 A/G field wire dispenser. The phone wire consists of a pair of plastic coated unbonded wires each with 7 strands of wire (3 steel, and 4 copper). The positives about this system is that the roll can be attached by a sling to D-Rings on outside of container and slung over shoulder or attached to backpack. The wire automatically deploys from the center of the roll leaving hands free to navigate rough terrain, climb trees, be in contact using field phone, or even carry a weapon. This is a one person dispensing system, there is no spool to unwind. It is compact 12 inches in diameter and 5 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 24 lbs.

Additionally we will include an original Army technical Manual TM 11-2155 to 31W1-2PT-291 for the TELEPHONE STE TA-312/PT.

A fantastic early Vietnam War era U.S. Army field telephone system!
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