Original U.S. Vietnam War Era Moulage Medical Training Set - Unissued

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an unissued New Old Stock NOS vintage Vietnam War Ear U.S. military moulage set war wounds medical training kit. NSN: 6910-540-6378.

While it appears complete please review the photos as some pieces could be missing. A typical set consists of a set of vinyl-plastiol models or moulages, each of which closely simulates an actual wound to the human body. Each moulage is life-sized, with bone structure and flesh shown in relief on the surface. It is finished in colors simulating real human skin, bone, and flesh.The moulage may be strapped onto a person acting as a casualty or as a recipient of treatment during field training or lesson in first aid. During training, the subject wearing the moulage can manually operate a pump and reservoir which causes simulated blood to flow through veins and arteries built into the moulage. The flow may be either pulsating or steady.In addition to the following life size moulages, the set comes with a pump and "blood" reservoir, and packages of powder for making one gallon each simulated blood formula in a carrying case:a. Amputation of leg. Compound fracture of femur. Compound fracture of humerus. Compound fracture of lower leg. Gunshot wound of the hand (palm). Laceration of the forehead (scalp). Shrapnel wound of the abdominal wall w/ protruding intestines. Shrapnel wound of the lower jaw w/ partial loss of jaw. Atomic burn of the back. Atomic burn of the chest. Atomic burn of the face. Atomic burn of the hand (palm, & dorsal area). Face in shock. Frostbite of foot. Phosphorus burn of the hand. Second and third degree burns of the forearm. Trench foot. Hypodermic needle insertion technique moulages. Sucking wound of the chest.

This kit provided the means to train military personnel in first aid treatment of combat type casualties and permits trainees to practice and develop first aid skills. Use of the device helps remove shock of first sight of a severe wound and develops skill in identifying and treating wounds. Life-size, 29 lb. Wood carry case Measures 24.75" x 15" x 7.5"
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