Original U.S. Vietnam War Era M69 Practice Fragmentation Hand Grenade with Fuze - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with hollow body and inert fuse. This grenade cannot be converted to an explosive devise and is not available for export.

This is a very nice inert example of the rare U.S. M69 Practice Grenade, the training version of the U.S. M67 grenade, which was first fielded during the Vietnam War and still current today. It is unmarked on both the body, and has been painted OD green over the original blue color, which indicates it is a practice grenade. The included deactivated fuze is the M213 version, which is correct for the M67. There is also a large hole in the bottom of the grenade body, further indicating that it is inert, which allows the practice fuse "pop" to be heard when used in training.

The grenade is in very good shape, and will make an excellent display piece.

The M67 grenade has a spherical steel body that contains 6.5 oz (180 g) of composition B explosive. It uses the M213 pyrotechnic delay fuze. The M67 grenade weighs 14 oz (400 g) in total and has a safety clip to prevent the safety pin on the grenade from being pulled accidentally. The safety pin prevents the safety lever, or "spoon" on the grenade from moving and releasing the spring-loaded striker which initiates the grenade's fuze assembly. The M67 is typically known as a "baseball" grenade, because it is shaped like a ball that can be easily thrown. Other variations include the "pineapple" grenade and the World War 2 era "stick" grenade.

The M67 can be thrown 30 to 35 metres (98 to 115 ft) by the average male soldier. Its fuze delays detonation between 4 and 5 seconds after the spoon is released. Steel fragments (not to be confused with shrapnel) are provided by the grenade body and produce an injury radius of 15 metres (49 ft), with a fatality radius of 5 metres (16 ft), though some fragments can disperse as far out as 250 metres (820 ft).

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