Original U.S. Vietnam War Era Inert M30 and M69 Fragmentation Practice Grenades - Blue Bodies

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 2 Available. Practice hand grenades are used for training personnel in the use, care, and handling of actual service grenades. A typical practice hand grenade contains a small spotting charge of black powder and is fuzed with a 4- to 5-second delay igniting fuze. They are the same size and weight as the real grenade they resemble, giving the user a sense of familiarity when it comes to using a live grenade.

These example are inert and are in total compliance per the current standards set out by the BATF governing inert ordnance. They are unable to be rendered live again and be used as an explosive device.

Not Available For Export.

The Grenades In This Lot:

- M30 Practice Grenade: The M30 is the practice version of the M26 grenade. It has a cast-iron two-piece oval body and is missing the plastic base plug. The body is embossed with the symbols "RFX55" and P.11; it was originally the basis for an experimental hand grenade that was never put into production. It had a filler of 21 grains of black powder and used the M10A3/M10A4 or M204A1/M204A2 series of fuzes. This one however has an M213 fuze with original pull ring but replaced pin. Its body was repainted OD green and stenciled to resemble an M26. When the grenade detonated, the overpressure made the plug pop out and released a plume of black smoke caused by the burnt filler.

- M69 Practice Grenade: This is a very nice inert example of the rare U.S. M69 Practice Grenade, the training version of the U.S. M67 grenade, which was first fielded during the Vietnam War and still current today. It retains its original blue paint and stenciling indicating it’s a GRENADE, HAND, PRACTICE. The included deactivated fuze is the M228 version, which is correct for the M67. There is also a large hole in the bottom of the grenade body, further indicating that it is inert, which allows the practice fuse "pop" to be heard when used in training.

A lovely pair of items that come more than ready for display.

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