Original U.S. Vietnam War Era INERT 81mm Mortar M60 Practice Training Round in Transit Tube - dated 1964

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert/deactivated example of the 81mm M60 Practice Mortar Round. The device has no explosive filling or charges and cannot be converted to be an explosive device. This is completely inert and in compliance with BATF guidelines on inert ordnance. Not Available For Export.

The U.S. 81mm M29A1 Mortar, first adopted in 1964, saw service throughout the Vietnam War. It was also used by a multitude of different countries worldwide. This is a very nice M60 Training Round, with the correct "inert blue" body and green fins. These were used with replaceable propellant charges for range practice, and measure approximately 11 1/4" long without a dummy fuse installed.

This example is marked on the body with KMN / 64 - 03, and the tail is marked 01-AVK-96. This indicates manufacture in 1964, right as the M29A1 started replacing the M29. It is in very good condition with great paint, though it has doubtless been repainted during its service life.

The original transit tube marked is marked on the top and bottom with FIBERHYLSTER M/60 / 81MM MORTERAMMUNITION, which is in Danish, so this is a Danish issued tube.

A great Vietnam War era set, ready to add to your ordnance collection!

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