Original U.S. Vietnam War Era / Cold War Era Inert Aviation Ordnance 30mm Autocannon Dummy Round Lot With M79 76mm Shot - 9 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 9 Available. These are all fantastic examples of genuine inert auto cannon 30mm rounds! All examples are inert and or deactivated and are in total compliance per the current BATF standards on inert ordnance.

Not Available For Export

30 mm caliber is a specific size of popular autocannon ammunition. Such ammunition includes NATO standard 30×113mmB, 30×173mm (STANAG 4624), Soviet 30×155mmB, 30×165mm, and 30×210mmB, Yugoslav 30×192mm, Anglo-Swiss 30×170mm, and Czechoslovak 30×210mm rounds which are widely used around the world.

Thirty millimeter ammunition is typically not used against personnel, but rather as an anti-materiel or armor-piercing round. Rounds of this size can be effective against lightly armored vehicles as well as fortified bunkers. It is also a popular caliber for shipboard close-in weapons systems, such as the Russian AK-630 and Dutch Goalkeeper CIWS.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use their 30 mm weapons in a variety of vehicles, including the Su-25 attack aircraft, Mi-24 helicopter, Mi-28 attack helicopter, Ka-50 attack helicopter, and the BMP-2, BMP-3, and BTR-90 infantry fighting vehicles. The most modern anti-aircraft gun systems in use by Russia are 30 mm. The U.S. military uses 30 mm weapons in their A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft and AH-64 Apache helicopter. It was going to be used in the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle until the project was canceled.

Thirty millimeter ammunition generally comes in three varieties: armor-piercing (AP), high-explosive (HE), and target practice (TP) rounds. Both AP and HE cartridges commonly possess incendiary or tracer characteristics. These rounds however all appear to be dummy rounds, or training rounds. All of the smaller ordnance is in good condition and retains a good amount of original finish, however, a lot of the arsenal stamps are no longer visible.

This is a fantastic lot for the ordnance collector. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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