Original U.S. Vietnam War Era AN/PRC-74 Complete Radio Set with Spares and Accessories

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original Vietnam War Era AN/PRC-74 Radio Set, complete with Spares and numerous accessories for that various configurations it could be used in. This was one of the U.S. military's first modern solid state radios, meaning it did not have the vacuum tubes featured in other sets such as the PRC-6 "Walkie Talkie". The core unit, the RT-794B/PRC-74, is a lightweight, two-way communications set that is capable of receiving and transmitting voice and telegraph signals. Single-sideband (SSB) modulation is used for voice transmission, and continuous wave (CW) modulation is used for telegraph transmissions. The voice and telegraph receptions are demodulated and applied to a headset. The frequency range of the radio set for both receive and transmit modes of operation is between 2.0 mHz and 11.999 mHz for the unlettered and A models and 2.0 - 17.999 mHz for the "B" version.

The radio set may be mobile operated or operated at a fixed station. When mobile operated, the radio set is powered by either a rechargeable nickel cadmium storage battery pack, or a dry cell battery pack. An external battery charger and power supply assemblies are provided with the radio set when used at a fixed station. The power supply assembly allows the radio set to be powered by either the alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltages available at the operating site. The external battery charger assembly is used to recharge the radio set batteries prior to using the radio set portable.

Three types of antennas were supplied with the radio set, though this set only includes two. Operating in the low end of the high frequency spectrum, the range of the radio set may be extended to hundreds of miles with the proper selection of frequency and antenna type. The AN/PRC-74 radio was developed by Hughes Aircraft Company primarily for the military market. It was first issues for user tests in 1964. in 1966 this radio was modified to provide a continuous wave (CW) transmission capability. The modified set, the AN/PRC-74A was initially delivered for Army use in June of 1966. The AN/PRC-74B, issued to Army units in early 1967, incorporated another modification, which extended the set's frequency range from 2 - 11.999 MHz to 2 - 17.999 MHz.

This fine collection of Accessories and spare parts covers a wide variety of possible configurations, and includes the following components:

  • RT-794B/PRC-74 RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER by HUGHES, serial number 3201 A. Contract information indicates it is from a 1968 contract, so it is definitely the "B" version of the set. It is in good shape, and data plates indicate that it was overhauled in June 1987. Unit appears complete and disassembles correctly.
  • CY-6121/PRC-74 BATTERY BOX by HUGHES, with a 1968 contract date, and serial number 1754A. Box is in excellent condition, with great original paint, and minimal rust. It still has the correct fold out legs for sitting on the ground, and also includes two sealed lead acid batteries inside, though they are most likely now depleted. We have not been able to test them.
  • LS-454/U LOUDSPEAKER by Accusonic Systems, in very good condition. This can be attached to the unit during static emplacement.
  • CW-863/PRC-74 ACCESSORIES BAG. Has compartments for various components as shown.
  • KY-116/U Morse Code Telegraph Key by Winslow Teletronics.
  • CX-7867A/VRC 25 foot 5 pin extension cable
  • COIL C-161 U.S. Signal Corps transformer.
  • MT-3613/PRC-74 MOUNTING for various antennas used with the PRC-74. Collapsible Style. Unit is in very good condition.
  • AT-271A/PRC ANTENNA by APEX Airtronic in very good condition. Collapsible style. Comes with AB-591/PRC-25 Antenna Base.
  • AS-1887A/PRC-74 ANTENNA by Hughes Aircraft Co. in very good condition. Comes with AB-955/PRC-74 Antenna base with connecting wire.
  • Multi-section 9 foot Antenna in canvas transit case.
  • H-251/U Recent Issue Electrical Headset
  • QTY 2: M-80C/U Dynamic Microphones
  • QTY 2: H-189/GR Handsets
  • QTY 2: H-250/U Handsets
  • Various manuals and service instructions.

This is a very nice complete set, full of spares that can be used with a variety of U.S. Military Issue Radios.

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