Original U.S. Vietnam War Custom Knuckle Knife with Bayonet Blade & Cast Aluminum Grip and Leather Sheath

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. During WWII and afterwards, many obsolete or broken bayonets were used as the basis for customized knuckle fighting knives. They were relatively easy to create, and became very popular during the Vietnam War area, with a multitude of different designs seen.

This particular example looks to have been made with an M4 bayonet blade, though it could be an M5, M6, M7, or even a WWII M3 fighting knife, as they all used the same blade design. It was then cased into a very nice aluminum knuckle grip, and the whole knife was painted black. The blade measures the standard 6 1/2 inches, giving the knife an overall length of just under 11 inches. The blade is in good shape, with a nice shape, and is still relatively sharp.

The knife comes complete with a custom made black leather sheath, which has a belt loop in the back, as well as a securing tie on the front. A very nice example of a custom knuckle knife from the Vietnam War Era, ready to display!

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