Original U.S. Vietnam War / Cold War Era M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment Field Set With Bayonet

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Original Items: Only One Lot Available. This is a fantastic assortment of Vietnam War era into post war era web gear and other field equipment for American troops. All items show signs of heavy use and wear and all appear without damage. Everything appears to be properly marked. Perfect for the reenactor and collector alike!

The M-1956 LCE continued application of the belt-supported-by-suspenders concept, adopted by the U.S. Army at least as early as the Pattern 1903 equipment. The M-1956 "Belt, Individual Equipment" or pistol belt differed little in form and function from the M-1936 pistol belt and would accommodate any of the pouches and equipment that would mount on the M-1936 belt. The M-1956 pistol belt had size adjustment hardware at both ends and a "ball type" buckle connector. The M-1956 pistol belt was manufactured of olive drab cotton webbing[3] to United States military specification MIL-B-40158 and was produced in two sizes: Medium, for waists under 30-inches (FSN 8465-577-4925), and Large, for waists over 30-inches (FSN 8465-577-4924). Earlier production M-1956 belts have horizontal weft while later production have vertical weft. The belt has a blackened metal buckle and three rows of eyelets. Eyelets in the top row were usually used for connection of the suspender hooks. The middle row of eyelets accepts the size adjusting hooks. The lower row of eyelets was usually used for attaching accoutrements utilizing an M-1910 double hook.

The olive drab U.S. Army Shade 7 cotton "Suspenders, Individual Equipment Belt" (also designated "Suspenders, Field Pack, Combat, M-1956") were manufactured in Regular (FSN 8465-577-4922), Long (FSN 8465-577-4923), and X-Long (FSN 8465-823-7231) lengths to United States military specification MIL-S-40160. All sizes are additionally adjustable in length by means of cam buckles. A single web keeper is sewn across the top of each shoulder pad. Metal rectangular rings, for attachment of the ammunition pouch suspension hooks and sleeping bag carrier, are located at the top of the front straps. The straps of the suspenders have metal hooks on the ends for connection to the pistol belt and field pack. The hook hardware on the front straps includes integral triangular rings to accept the sleeping bag carrier tie-down straps. The back suspender strap hooks connect either to the field pack or, if the field pack is not to be used, directly to the pistol belt. Early production suspenders have open, formed-wire J hooks on both front and back straps. Later production suspenders utilize snap hooks on the rear straps and stamped aluminum J hooks on the front straps. The underside of the shoulder pads is thinner drill in earlier-production suspenders and twilled nylon in some of the latest examples.

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