Original U.S. Vietnam War Captured and Documented Viet Cong / NVA Magazine Pouch Set

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. The Việt Cộng, also known as the National Liberation Front, was a mass political organization in South Vietnam and Cambodia with its own army – the People's Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam (PLAF) – that fought against the United States and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War, eventually emerging on the winning side. It had both guerrilla and regular army units, as well as a network of cadres who organized peasants in the territory it controlled. Many soldiers were recruited in South Vietnam, but others were attached to the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN), the regular North Vietnamese army.

Here we have a lovely Viet Cong / NVA magazine pouch set, complete with a laminated copy of the customs declaration used by Lt. William R. Campbell when he sent these items back home to Arkansas. The document lists various war trophies: a belt, a canteen, and a pith helmet, which are not included. It also lists 3 NVA POUCHES (BELT), which are what this set entails. Two two larger pouches are both labeled with their pertinent information.

The first is a VIET CONG AK-47 MAGAZINE POUCH captured in QUAN NAM PROVINCE RVN in 1970. This relatively simple pouch is made from canvas, and you can clearly see the outline of two curved AK-47 magazines under the top flap. The pouch is somewhat crudely made and dirty, but was doubtless effective in its role.

The second item is a VIET CONG SMG MAGAZINE POUCH captured in QUAN NAM PROVINCE RVN in 1970, and is PROBABLE CHICOM MFG. This triple magazine pouch is definitely a higher level of original manufacture than the AK-47 pouch, made from thick sturdy canvas and with belt loops (broken) as well as D-ring attachment on the rear.

The last item is a small rubberized canvas pouch, probably for holding a magazine loader, or possibly magazines for a pistol. There is no designation written on it.

All of the items definitely show a lot of wear, and have a great patina to them. A wonderful named Vietnam War bring back set, ready to display!

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