Original U.S. Vietnam War Bringback ChiCom North Vietnamese Army Type 43 PPS-43 PPSH-41 Magazine Pouch

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Original Items: Only One Available. Communist bloc support was vital for prosecution of the war in the South. North Vietnam had relatively little industrial base. The gap was filled primarily by China and Russia. The Soviet Union was the largest supplier of war aid, furnishing most fuel, munitions, and heavy equipment, including advanced air defense systems. China made significant contributions in medicines, hospital care, training facilities, foodstuffs, and infantry weapons.

Since China bordered Vietnam, it was an immensely important conduit of material on land, although the Soviets also delivered some of its aid by sea. Soviet aid outstripped that of China, averaging over half a billion dollars per year in the later stages of the war, with some $700 million in 1967 alone. China provided an estimated $150 million to $200 million annually, along with such in-kind aid as the deployment of thousands of troops in road and railway construction in the border provinces. China also provided radar stations and airfields where Vietnam People's Air Force aircraft could marshal for attack, or flee to when in trouble against American air forces. These military air bases were off-limits to American retaliation.

This heavy canvas pouch was intended to be used to hold 3 magazines for the PPS-43 or the PPsH-41. This was a standard early NVA sub machine-gun. It was used extensively by the Viet Cong as well. The bag has a total of 5 usable pouches all complete with their original wooden toggles. There are signs of heavy use, wear, stains and some minor tearing present. The backside still retains lovely Chinese markings and we can make out a year of 1960 being present.

This is a wonderful example of a captured enemy magazine pouch brought home by an American serviceman after his tour. Comes more than ready for further research and display!

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